Stockholm, 13 May 2023 (TDI): This week, Catherine Colonna, the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, took part in two important international gatherings. Colonna attended the informal “Gymnich” conference on May 12 and 13 with other EU foreign ministers.

She stressed the necessity of aiding Ukraine while also underlining the need to battle sanctions evasion and fortify ties with other nations.

Colonna also reiterated the need to rebalance the EU-China relations by putting the Versailles European Council agenda into action and showed willingness to continue to take a positive stance toward China on international problems like the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

French Foreign Minister was present the next day in Stockholm for the second EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum.

Participants from EU institutions, member states, and Indo-Pacific countries participated in the meeting to talk about topics of importance, such as security, sustainable development, and the environment.

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At the forum’s opening and a roundtable discussion on security challenges, Colonna delivered a speech. During the discussion, she also outlined France’s suggestions for how to continue the most ambitious and practical implementation of European policy in the Indo-Pacific.

The meeting provided crucial space for governments and institutions of the EU and Indo-Pacific region to collaborate on shared problems in an international setting characterised by Russian aggression against Ukraine and escalating Indo-Pacific tensions. 

This second iteration builds upon the promises made at the Paris Forum, which took place in February 2022 when France was the EU Council’s chair. 

The Minister’s attendance demonstrated France’s commitment to furthering the EU’s global agenda on international challenges and fortifying alliances with third nations.

The second EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum sought to assess progress made in fulfilling pledges made at the Forum in Paris and to provide new areas of cooperation with the appropriate political momentum.

Colonna’s active participation shows France emerging diplomacy in the face of current global issues.