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Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit New Zealand, Australia


Beijing, 14 March 2024 (TDI): On Thursday, officials announced that China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi plans to visit Australia and New Zealand this week as part of a tour. The visit aims to focus on trade discussions, amid ongoing efforts to ease tensions.

This trip marks Wang’s visit to Australia as minister since 2017. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed optimism about the progress in trade settlements.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters anticipates engaging in discussions with Wang during this period, highlighting the significance of their relationship.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Strategic Talks

Wang Yi and Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong plan to hold scheduled strategic talks in Canberra on March 20.

The objective is to enhance cooperation while addressing areas of disagreement. Emphasizing the importance of dialogue with China for the benefit of Australia as a whole, Wong highlighted the need, for communication.

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Under the leadership of Albanese, economic relations, between Australia and China have become more cooperative. Australian exports are now free from tariffs and restrictions. Ease is expected, particularly regarding tariffs on wine.

Officials from Australia and China have hinted at the removal of wine tariffs. This is for Treasury Wine Estates, based in Melbourne.

Despite making progress, challenges persist, exemplified by tensions arising from Australia’s condemnation of Beijing’s treatment of Chinese-Australian dissident writer Yang Jun.

Australia continues to monitor China’s growing influence in the South Pacific. They consider it to be part of a larger geopolitical context. It works with partners to resolve disputes over sovereignty and preserve stability in the area.

If wine tariffs are removed, China will only apply the remaining trade restrictions to specific Australian goods, indicating positive progress in China-Australian trade relations.

On the other hand, New Zealand’s strong commercial connections with China serve as evidence of its comparatively more harmonious relationship.

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