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Foreign Minister Wang Yi shares China’s stance on Ukraine Crisis


Munich, 20 February 2024, (TDI): On February 17, 2024, during the Munich Security Conference, Wang Yi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Foreign Minister, shared China’s stance on the Ukraine Crisis.

He delivered a keynote speech addressing concerns over China-Ukraine relations, the Budapest Memorandum, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said, “I met with my Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to discuss bilateral relations, trade, and the need to restore a just and lasting peace in Ukraine. I informed Foreign Minister Wang Yi about Ukraine’s vision for the upcoming Global Peace Summit in Switzerland. We agreed on the need to maintain Ukraine-China contacts at all levels and continue our dialogue”.

In his meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba, Wang Yi articulated China’s stance on the Ukraine crisis. He emphasized political solutions and abstained from exacerbating tensions or supplying weapons to conflict zones.

China remains committed to facilitating dialogue and ending the Ukraine Crisis promptly. Wang Yi assured that China would persist in its constructive endeavors, even with minimal prospects for peace.

Moreover, China upholds a clear and progressive nuclear policy, pledging no-first-use of nuclear weapons and refraining from their use against non-nuclear-weapon states like Ukraine.

President Xi Jinping emphasized the imperative of avoiding nuclear conflict. He ensured the security of nuclear materials and facilities in the context of China-Ukraine relations. Despite not being directly involved in the Ukraine Crisis, China has honored its international obligations.

Stressing China’s non-involvement in creating or exacerbating the crisis, Wang Yi reiterated President Xi’s call for respecting sovereignty, observing United Nations principles, and addressing legitimate security concerns.

China actively supports peaceful resolutions and advocates for prompt peace talks to minimize further damage in the context of China-Ukraine relations.

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