Islamabad, 5 June 2023 (TDI): Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, called on the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammad Shia Al Sudani and conveyed best wishes to the leadership and people of Iraq.

They agreed to further strengthen multidimensional cooperation and to further cement brotherly ties between Pakistan and Iraq.

In an effort to enhance their ties of brotherhood, Pakistan and Iraq have been working to improve their multifaceted collaboration.

The two nations understand the need to maintain strong ties and have taken a number of steps to improve bilateral cooperation in numerous sectors.

The political, economic, cultural, and security spheres are just a few of the many areas in which Pakistan and Iraq cooperate. Both nations have stated a desire to strengthen their ties and look into new possibilities for cooperation.

Furthermore, they have regular high-level exchanges in the political sphere, including exchange visits by leaders and officials. These exchanges offer a forum for debating bilateral concerns, exchanging opinions on regional and global topics, and improving diplomatic ties.

In terms of the economy, both countries have looked at trade and investment potential. There have been initiatives to boost trade delegations, foster corporate ties, and strengthen economic cooperation.

Both nations have acknowledged the possibility of mutually advantageous cooperation in industries like energy, building new infrastructure, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

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The relationships between Pakistan and Iraq have been significantly strengthened via cultural exchanges and direct human contact.

To foster understanding and appreciation of one another’s rich cultural heritage and traditions, there have been numerous cultural gatherings, festivals, and academic exchanges.

Additionally, Pakistan has provided Iraq with security and anti-terrorism assistance. The two nations have stressed the significance of maintaining regional stability and have worked together to address common security issues.

By making these efforts, Pakistan and Iraq hope to strengthen their fraternal connections, increase confidence, and deepen their collaboration. Both nations aim to strengthen their bilateral ties for the benefit of their respective peoples and the region as a whole by encouraging multifaceted cooperation.