Beijing, 20 January 2022 (TDI): The first BRICS Sherpas meeting of this year was held in a virtual format on January 18-19. The participant members thanked India for its BRICS Chairship in 2021.

The meeting was hosted by China’s BRICS Sherpa and Vice Foreign Minister, Ma Zhaoxu. It was attended by the BRICS Sherpas of Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa as well as representatives of relevant departments of China.

China's BRICS Sherpa and Vice Foreign Minister, Ma Zhaoxu
China’s BRICS Sherpa and Vice Foreign Minister, Ma Zhaoxu

China has assumed the rotating Chairmanship of BRICS this year. Ma Zhaoxu stated that currently, the once-in-a-century changes, as well as the pandemic together, have accelerated the transition of the international landscape.

Globalization is undergoing setbacks and the pandemic keeps imposing severe effects on countries, particularly the emerging markets and developing countries. The BRICS mechanism has become an important platform after 16 years’ development for bolstering mutually advantageous collaboration amongst the five countries.

China's BRICS Sherpa and Vice Foreign Minister, Ma Zhaoxu

It has become a substantial force for the metamorphosis of global order, the advancement of international governance, and the promotion of shared development. Chinese Vice Minister further enunciated that encountering the intricate and evolving global circumstances, the five BRICS countries should collaborate for common goals.

He urged that they must guard the common interest of the emerging markets and developing countries to play a greater role in enhancing anti-pandemic cooperation maintaining multilateralism and promoting economic rejuvenation.

Ma Zhaoxu also articulated that as the Chair of the BRICS this year, China will work with all members to foster the establishment of a closer, more comprehensive, more practical, and more inclusive BRICS partnership based on the theme of “forming a high-quality partnership to jointly create a new era of global development.”

During the meeting, Sanjay Bhattacharyya, India’s BRICS Sherpa stated that last year a significant achievement has been observed. The achievements were made possible by the contribution of the foreign ministers of the member states brought about in terms of the document on the information and strengthening of the multilateral systems.