Bishkek, 27 May 2022 (TDI): The Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs along with a monitoring staff visited the Garden site in Kyrgyzstan.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland’s first monitoring visit started with the visit to Ulok Agro Garden (The Ancient Agriculture site). The Ulok Agro is a four-hectare garden producing 16 to 42 tonnes of apples per year. This is the first G.A.P Global Certified Garden in Kyrgyzstan.

On the visit to Ulok Agro Garden, the staff loved the atmosphere and surroundings of the garden. They further said that greenery is very important to encounter the challenge of climate change. They also highlighted the impact and importance of trees in today’s global age.

Moreover, during the Ministry for Foreign Affairs visit, Finland’s Monitoring staff appreciated the management of Ulok Agro for making such a big environment-friendly garden. They also assured Kyrgyzstan’s government of full support and assistance for Eco-friendly projects and initiatives in the future.

Remarks of the garden’s owner:

The Owner of the Garden said that UNDP has supported him to get the Global G.A.P Certification and with the help of UNDP he was able to meet their requirements. He said that they allow him to expand his business and access more markets. They further stated that they had also supplied apples to different Chains around the globe.

In his meeting with Finnish officials in the garden, owner Isayev told them that his garden’s apple production has increased significantly over the past years. The volume has grown from 16 tones in 2020 to 39 tones in 2021 and he hoped that it will increase massively this year.

This tour of Finnish officials will open new doors and opportunities for the Kyrgyz Agriculture sector. Finnish Ministry’s official said that they saw great scope and space in the future for Agriculture trade between the two countries. They also said that their government wanted to increase trade volume in the Agriculture sector between the two countries for a better future.

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