Honiara, 27 May 2022 (TDI): Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi is on an official visit to the Solomon Islands. During his stay, he held a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of Solomon Islands, Jeremiah Manele, in Honiara on May 26, 2022.

At the joint press conference, both sides pledged to strengthen the political foundation of China-Solomon Islands ties, build the Belt and Road Initiative, and integrate the China-proposed Global Development Initiative (GDI).

In addition, the two counterparts pledged to enhance a stable and secure environment, encourage connectivity, combat climate change, enhance sub-national exchanges, and protect developing country interests.

In response to a reporter’s question about the China-Solomon Islands framework agreement on security cooperation, Wang Yi said that the framework agreement on security cooperation was negotiated between China and Solomon Islands.

It is a cooperation between sovereign countries that aims to assist the Solomon Islands in improving its policing and law enforcement capabilities and support the Solomon Islands in better safeguarding its social security.

Wang Yi went on to explain three concepts for promoting security cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands.

Three Principles of China-Solomon Islands Security Cooperation

The fundamental premise was to fully respect the Solomon Islands’ national sovereignty. Cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands was based on the needs and requirements of the Solomon Islands.

Also, it was based on mutual and equal consultation. Imposing business transactions on others, interfering in Solomon Islands’ internal matters or harming other countries’ interests are never part of China’s foreign policy.

Wang Yi shared that the second factor was to contribute to the Solomon Islands’ societal stability. Security cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands involves help in maintaining law and order, and guarding lives and property.

The target was to assist the Solomon Islands in strengthening police capability, addressing the security governance gap, and ensuring domestic stability and long-term peace and security.

The third runs concurrently with regional agreements. China encourages Pacific Island countries to improve security cooperation and collaborate on regional security issues. Furthermore, China is also a supporter of existing regional security cooperation accords.

Two-way Trade and Investment

Along these lines, the Chinese Foreign Minister stated that China will take serious steps to enable two-way trade and investment, expand the Solomon Islands’ sale of competitive products to China, and encourage Chinese companies to invest in the Solomon Islands.

Additionally, China will provide zero-tariff treatment to 98 percent of the Solomon Islands’ taxable exports to the country.

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