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Ambassador of Finland engages with IYDS on Pak-Finland relations


Islamabad, 15 February 2024 (TDI): Hannu Ripatti the Ambassador of Finland to Pakistan, had an interactive session with the 5th International Young Diplomats School (IYDS) participants at the Riphah Institute of Public Policy (RIPP) in Islamabad.

A briefing session was held on the relationship between Pakistan-Finland. The diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Finland were established in January 1951.

Ambassador Ripatti offered valuable perspectives on Finland’s foreign policy and diplomacy, enhancing our comprehension of international relations.

Ambassador of Finland

The Ambassador highlighted how over time the mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries has evolved. Being a member of the European Union (EU), Finland has been a steadfast supporter of Pakistan in the region.

Moreover, Finland maintains a policy of neutrality, which underscores its dedication to peace and non-alignment in international affairs.

NATO membership was another topic of discussion. Finland is not a member of NATO, but it maintains close ties with the alliance through various partnership programs. The Ambassador likely elaborated on Finland’s approach to security cooperation and its role in promoting regional stability.

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Furthermore, the session likely touched upon the growing collaboration between Pakistan and Finland in the field of green energy.

As both countries recognize the importance of sustainable development and combating climate change, they have increasingly focused on initiatives related to renewable energy and environmental conservation.

This cooperation reflects their shared commitment to addressing global challenges through innovation and collaboration.

Pakistan-Finland Ties

Finland and Pakistan have maintained diplomatic relations involving collaboration in various areas such as trade, education, and technology.

Finland is known for its advanced technology and innovation, while Pakistan, with its diverse economy, offers opportunities for collaboration in trade and investment.

International Young Diplomats School

The Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) launched the International Young Diplomats School (IYDS) as a ground-breaking program to highlight the value of diplomacy in the rapidly evolving, globally connected world.

It is the 5th International Diplomats School, in which participants are given opportunities to interact with Ambassadors of different Embassies.

IPDS has organized the Fifth Edition of the IYDS from 13-16 February 2024 in Islamabad. The participants are young professionals with diverse backgrounds, students, and faculty members across Pakistan.

During the School, the participants will be meeting hosted by Ambassadors of different countries at their offices. You can see details about the program here, especially about our earlier cohorts. You can also see our profile here.

IYDS is based on the model of the Public Diplomacy approach for offering an opportunity for Diplomatic Missions to meet diverse groups of professionals and young people from across Pakistan having various ethnic, religious, linguistic, and regional backgrounds.

Hence, offering the Diplomatic Missions to increase their outreach and interaction with the young people from across Pakistan.

On the other hand, IYDS offers young people to meet Ambassadors and Diplomats to learn more about countries and build stronger relationships while returning to their communities.

The group of 16-20 participants ages 18-40 having diverse academic and professional backgrounds from different regions of Pakistan joined to be part of the program.

The program includes visits to different diplomatic missions in Islamabad and information sessions with Ambassadors, Diplomats, and other Embassy staff.

Ambassadors and Diplomats will share insights about their missions, countries, and opportunities for education, development, and trade with the participants.

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