Islamabad, 21 June 2023 (TDI): In a significant diplomatic encounter, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, held a fruitful meeting with Donald Blome, the esteemed Ambassador of the United States of America to Pakistan.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss matters of mutual interest and explore avenues for strengthening economic relations between the two nations.

During the meeting, the two dignitaries engaged in a constructive dialogue on various areas of common interest.

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They deliberated on how to enhance and deepen the existing bilateral relations between the United States and Pakistan.

Discussion between Finance Minister and Ambassador

Reaffirming the enduring bilateral ties that exist between Pakistan and the United States in the realms of economics and trade, Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar warmly welcomed Ambassador Donald Blome.

He expressed his appreciation for the historical foundations that underpin this robust relationship and emphasized the government’s commitment to further fortify and expand economic cooperation.

Minister Dar also outlined the government’s economic policies and priorities aimed at addressing the prevailing economic challenges and steering the economy towards stability and growth.

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Moreover, Minister Dar apprised the US Ambassador of the government’s proactive steps to bridge the fiscal gap, ensuring the fulfillment of both national and international financial obligations.

He also provided an update on the ongoing discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to successfully complete the program.

The Minister emphasized the significance of continued collaboration and cooperation between the two nations to harness the full potential of their economic partnership.

Donald Blome, the US Ambassador, expressed confidence in the government’s policies and programs aimed at achieving economic sustainability and uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the Pakistani populace.

He assured his unwavering support in further promoting bilateral economic, investment, and trade relations between the two countries, fostering mutually beneficial outcomes.

In response, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar expressed gratitude to Ambassador Donald Blome for his visit and reiterated the government’s strong desire to deepen bilateral trade and investment ties with the United States.

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The meeting concluded on a positive note, reflecting the shared commitment of both Pakistan and the United States to enhance economic cooperation, trade, and investment, thereby fostering prosperity and growth for their respective nations.

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Last Month’s Meeting of Ambassador and Minsiter

Donald Blome, the US Ambassador to Pakistan, met with Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue. They discussed the strong bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan, particularly in economics and trade.

They exchanged views on enhancing these relations and the Pakistani government’s economic policies. The Finance Minister informed the Ambassador about ongoing IMF programs and the government’s commitment to completing them.

Ambassador Blome expressed confidence in the government’s policies and offered support for furthering economic, investment, and trade ties. Senator Dar thanked the Ambassador and reiterated the government’s desire to strengthen bilateral trade and investment with the US.