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Film “Batie Girl” marks Pak-China cultural collaboration


Islamabad, 1 January 2024 (TDI): In a meeting with Chinese filmmakers, Jamal Shah, the Caretaker Federal Minister for Culture and National Heritage, celebrated the success of the collaborative venture that led to the groundbreaking film “Batie Girl,” a joint production of Pakistani and Chinese filmmakers.

The release of the film ‘Batie Girl’ in 2023 marks a Pak-China cultural collaboration, which will be helpful in further nurturing the cordial ties between the two countries.

A member Chinese delegation led by Zhang Yang, chairman of Chang Jiang Group, is on a visit to Pakistan to explore the joint production opportunities with the Pakistani and film industry.

During the meeting, Jamal Shah appreciated the growing cultural ties between Pakistan and China. He emphasizes the significant role played by the Belt and Road Initiatives and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in giving a sturdy base to the cordial ties between the two nations, which can be witnessed through the successful collaborative efforts and cultural events organized by both countries.

Minister Jamal Shaha drew attention to Pakistan’s rich artistic heritage, referring to one of the famous Buddhist cultures and traditions that attract and cordially greet international guests. Acknowledging the existence of 157 cinema houses in Pakistan, he conveyed the aspiration of Pakistan to grow this industry by seeking collaboration with Chinese enterprises. Minister Jamal Shah extended a cordial invitation to Chinese enterprises to collaborate and invest in the Pakistan cinema industry, emphasizing the mutual benefits of such a partnership.

“We are open to exchanging ideas, fostering creativity in cinema, and inviting collaboration. Learning from Chinese experiences in filmmaking and co-production is of great interest to us, considering the substantial success of the Chinese cinema industry,” stated Minister Jamal Shah.

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Insights from Chang Jiang Group’s Chairman

Chairman of Chang Jiang Group, Zhang Yang, shared his insights on the vast opportunities for collaboration between Pakistan and China in the cinema industry. He further highlighted the global significance of the Chinese film and drama industry and discussed its popularity in Pakistan.

In addition, he proclaimed the group’s interest in investing in the Pakistani drama and film industry for joint productions that showcase Pakistan’s beauty and position it as a prime tourist destination.

Chairman Zhang acknowledged the worldwide popularity of Pakistani dramas and emphasized the importance of creating content that can resonate with a global audience.

In his concluding remarks, Minister Jamal Shah warmly welcomed their optimistic perspective on the collaboration between the two nations. He also expressed appreciation for their acknowledgment of the importance of Pakistan as a well-known tourist destination.

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