Minsk/Vitebsk, 14 July 2023 (TDI): The Pakistan Embassy in Minsk, in collaboration with the Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local History, announces the opening ceremony of the “Faces of Pakistan” exhibition on July 13, 2023.

This event is considered a part of the International Festival of Arts “Slaviansky Bazaar 2023” in Vitebsk.


During the opening ceremony, Sajjad Haider Khan, the Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus, emphasized the diverse nature of Pakistan as a multiethnic, multicultural, and multilingual country. He underscored the rich traditions that have evolved over thousands of years of history, making Pakistan a captivating nation.

The “Faces of Pakistan” exhibition showcases the unique and vibrant culture, rich heritage, and captivating traditions of Pakistan, captured through the colorful faces of its people.

Faces of Pakistan
International Festival of Arts “Slaviansky Bazaar 2023” in Vitebsk.

It seeks to promote awareness about Pakistan among the Belarusian people and tourists, especially those visiting Vitebsk for the Annual Bazaar, Khan said.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the management of the Museum, the participants, artists, musicians, and guests who made huge contributions towards the success of this event.

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Additionally, the exhibition showcases the artworks of renowned Pakistani Watercolour Artist Imran Khan and Visual Artist Zaineb Khan and the talented photographers Adeel Chishti and Asmar Hussain.

In addition to the artwork, the exhibition also features traditional household items, including ceramic vases, onyx items, wooden handicrafts, copper items, and hand-embroidered textile products.

The opening was accompanied by a mesmerizing musical performance by Tatiana Kremis, a talented Belarusian artist. The hosts treated guests to select traditional Pakistani dishes, enhancing the cultural experience.

Pakistan’s participation in the annual Slavianski Bazaar for the third consecutive year is a testament to the growing bond between Pakistan and Belarus. The exhibition will continue till August 15, 2023.

Earlier, in June 2023, the iconic National Library of Belarus in Minsk successfully held a similar exhibition.