Brussels, 1 February 2023 (TDI): Climate change is a huge challenge for everyone. European Countries are also addressing this challenge by adopting several policies to reduce noise pollution and by promoting healthy living.

Among other measures, European Transport Parliamentarians stressed the use of cycling at different levels to reduce transport noise and to promote green transitioning.

To promote cycling at a vast level, European Transport and Tourism Committee drafted a resolution on February 1st. In the resolution, the parliamentarians urge for more dedicated cycling lanes, parking places for bikes, and a reduced Value Added Tax (VAT) rate.

While drafting the resolution EU parliamentarians highlighted the benefits of cycling by explaining that such steps will help to promote green transitioning and reduce road congestion, noise pollution, and improve air quality and economic growth.

Parliamentarians also discussed the provision of more secured parking and dedicated cycling lanes in both urban and rural places.

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They stressed that regional and local authorities must integrate cycling, affordable e-bikes, and bike-sharing schemes into urban and rural mobility plans.

More synergies with other transport modes, such as more places for bikes in trains or more secured parking areas for bikes at stations, could also help the cycling industry.

They also urged that the VAT rate and the rates related to rental and repair must be reduced as well. EU parliamentarian also stressed during the meeting to designate 2024 as the European Year of Cycling.

The draft resolution on developing an EU cycling strategy will be voted on by the full house of the Parliament, possibly during its meeting in Strasbourg in February.

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