Tripoli, 15 September 2023 (TDI): The European Union extended its assistance program to support the flood victims in Libya through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, announced on September 14.

The new assistance package from European member states includes a range of essential materials. France is contributing a medical team comprising 53 expert individuals to provide essential healthcare services to the affected people of Libya.

Italy’s contribution includes various shelter items and heavy machinery, such as rubble removal trucks, a specialized diving team with three Zodiac boats, and two transport vehicles. Additionally, two helicopters are included in this comprehensive aid package.

In addition to these efforts, Germany, Romania, and Finland have already dispatched their assistance packages to help the flood-affected people in Libya. These countries have sent various items, including shelter-related materials, generators, food supplies, hospital tents, and water tanks, through the established mechanism.

Furthermore, the Netherlands has offered the deployment of a technical experts team, comprising specialists in IT, logistics, and mapping, to provide valuable expertise and support.

Moreover, the European Union initially released a humanitarian package of 500,000 euros to address the urgent needs of the flood-affected people in Libya.

These funds will be channeled through local partners who will distribute essential items such as medicine, clean water, and sanitation supplies to help those affected by the devastating floods in eastern Libya.

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Janez Lenarcis, Commissioner for Crisis Management stated that the massive flood in Libya was already causing thousands of casualties. He stressed the need for a rapid response to aid the affected people during this challenging time.

Furthermore, he added that the European Union is coordinating incoming offers of assistance through the Civil Protection Mechanism to support the ongoing operation on the ground.

The Commissioner expressed gratitude to European Union member states that have already provided generators, food, and other essential items to assist the flood-affected people of Libya.