Kyiv, 17 March 2022 (TDI): The European Union (EU) has connected Ukraine and Moldova with the Continental European Grid. Likewise, Europe will also reverse gas supplies to Ukraine.

The decision was announced by the EU Energy Commissioner, Kadri Simson. Consequently, the EU will provide it rather of importing it from Ukraine. In a statement, Kadri Simson stated that Ukraine is now part of the EU in this realm.

The decision is being cited as a historic milestone for the EU-Ukraine relationship. The project depicts the extraordinary collaboration and resolve of all the stakeholders involved.

Kadri Simson thanked the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO E) for doing a year’s job in just two weeks to make this possible.

He also lauded the French Presidency of the Council and the Member States for their support to this task which is not without hazards. Likewise, he appreciated them Ukrainian partners; Minister Galushchenko and Ukrenergo in particular for their valiant endeavors to keep the Ukrainian energy systems functioning amidst a terrible war.

The EU Energy Commissioner pledged that the EU will continue to support Ukraine in the energy sector. It will do so by ensuring the reverse flows of gas to the war-torn country along with the delivery of badly needed energy supplies.

In addition, he enunciated that the EU is also looking forward to the time when it can continue outstanding collaboration with Ukraine on the green transition as well as market reforms.

Ukraine has been facing an energy crisis, ever since neighboring Russia launched a military invasion in the country on 24th February. The war is still going on with millions of people displaced.