Washington DC, 4 July 2023 (TDI): The EU Mission to the United States extends warm wishes and reaffirms its steadfast support and friendship to the United States.

As this historic day is celebrated, the EU Mission stands firmly in solidarity with America, demonstrating a commitment to jointly addressing critical geopolitical issues and defending the shared values cherished by both entities.

The US is celebrating its 247th independence day this year.

The European Union and the United States share a longstanding partnership built on common principles such as democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Throughout history, the strength of this alliance has been evident, as both sides have stood united in times of triumph and adversity.

In the face of today’s complex and interconnected world, it is crucial for like-minded allies to collaborate closely in order to effectively tackle global challenges. The EU Mission to the United States recognizes the importance of working hand in hand with the United States.

The European Union acknowledges the United States’ influential role on the global stage and appreciates its dedication to promoting democratic values, freedom, and human rights.

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Additionally, by upholding these shared principles, the EU and the United States can foster peace, inclusivity, and prosperity for people around the world.

As staunch allies, the EU and the United States have a history of successful collaborations, ranging from multilateral agreements to joint research endeavors.

Together, both sides have addressed critical issues such as climate action, global health challenges, and the promotion of fair trade practices.

On this special day, the EU Mission expressed its gratitude to the United States for its enduring friendship and cooperation.

The European Union and the United States have achieved remarkable milestones, and both sides look forward to continuing their joint efforts to build a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.