Brussels, 4 June 2023 (TDI): The EU Commission has announced a robust support package for Moldova to address the repercussions of the neighboring war and strengthen its ties with the EU. The package comprises five key points.

Firstly, the EU Commission aims to lower roaming charges, ensuring affordable connectivity for Moldovan citizens and fostering social and economic bonds.

Secondly, an impressive economic support package of €1.6 billion will be mobilized to aid Moldova’s recovery and promote its economic development.

Recognizing the importance of a stable energy sector, the EU Commission will provide support to strengthen Moldova’s energy industry, focusing on renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.

Moreover, the EU Commission acknowledges the significance of enhancing Moldova’s security and resilience. Assistance will be provided to bolster border controls, improve crisis management capabilities, and enhance law enforcement capacities.

Lastly, the EU Commission will intensify its support to facilitate Moldova’s progress on the path towards EU integration, recognizing its aspirations and providing necessary assistance.

With this comprehensive support package, the EU Commission reaffirms its commitment to Moldova, standing united during these challenging times. By addressing crucial areas such as telecommunications, economics, energy, security, and EU integration, the EU aims to empower Moldova and foster closer collaboration between the EU and the nation.

The EU Commission’s initiative reflects its dedication to assisting Moldova in overcoming obstacles and building resilience. By prioritizing affordable connectivity, economic recovery, sustainable energy, security reinforcement, and accelerated EU integration, the EU aims to help Moldova emerge stronger from the current situation.

This support package underscores the EU Commission’s commitment to standing by Moldova and solidifying their partnership. By addressing immediate needs and long-term goals, the EU aims to contribute to Moldova’s progress and enable it to move closer to the EU, fostering a brighter and more prosperous future for both Moldova and the European Union.