San Salvador, 6 September 2022 (TDI): The delegation of the European Union (EU) held talks with the Foreign Minister of El Salvador, Alexandra Tinoco. The meeting aimed to develop friendly ties with the EU extensively.

The Foreign Minister of El Salvador received the Director for the Americas of the EU’s European External Action Service (EEAS), Javier Nino Perez. The Ambassador of the EU to El Salvador, François Roudie, and the Head of Central America of the EU Partnerships, Felice Zaccheo were also in attendance.

El Salvador’s Foreign Minister, Tinoco, expressed that building strong relations with the states of the EU is important for El Salvador. She added that dialogue and bilateral relationship in different aspects are important when it pays back respect.

The Ambassador of the EU pointed out that such bilateral talks are important for developing good relations. He said that due to strengthened relations between the two sides, there are opportunities for bilateral trade and cooperation.

Reaffirmation of a good bilateral relationship

The Director of Americas of the EU’s EEAS, Javier Perez emphasized the importance of this meeting. He added that this meeting had reaffirmed the message of good relations and closer ties.

Pointing to the interest in cooperation, he said that El Salvador is an important state in the position of the European Union.

EU-El Salvador relations

The EU and El Salvador have closer relations and remained in diplomatic, economic, and strategic cooperation for years. Moreover, El Salvador is a major state that had strengthened the trade between the European and Central American nations.

Additionally, El Salvador and the European Union have extensive trade relations. The trade relations between the two sides had been established through the Association Agreement between the EU and Central America.