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Estonia hosts Eastern Partnership Conference


Tallinn, 14 October 2021 (TDI): The Seventh Annual Tallinn Conference on Eastern Partnership has commenced in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Eva-Maria Liimets, the Foreign Minister of Estonia addressed the Eastern Partnership Conference on its commencement.

She emphasized the importance of cooperation in the region. Cooperation has become a necessity for the peace and prosperity of the region. So she highlighted the EU values such as human rights on which their law is based. She stated that rule of law should never be compromised.  She also talked about the importance of the integration of digital governance.

Eastern Europe has always been in the top priorities of the EU due to its critical geographical location. It is because the stability of the EU depends upon the stability of Eastern Europe. The alarming situation in Serbia, Eastern Ukraine, and in Belarus has stressed on the importance of cooperation in the region.

The Eastern Partnership Conference aims at strengthening the cooperation to deal with the challenges of the region. Several high representatives of the European Union are also attending the conference and will also address representing the EU.

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