Washington, 17 March 2022 (TDI): Embassy of Pakistan in the US held a splendid occasion in respect of women’s day. This event was in honor of the prestigious achievements of women role models around the world.

Ambassador Asad Majid Khan lauded the achievements of the groundbreaking efforts of Pakistani and American-Pakistani women in all fields of life.

He termed women empowerment as a game-changer and a force to be reckoned which that will progress the socio-economic muscles of the state.

He remarked on how Pakistani women are breaking all stereotypes and excelling in every field they step in, the new adventures and ways of exploring the world.

Women of the contemporary world, are equal partners in developing the nations. Moreover, he emphasized the role of Pakistan-American women that shape both nations’ relationships.

‘Pakistani-American Women through their role as leaders can act as strong anchor to Pakistan-US relationship’, stated the Ambassador.

Sheila Jackson Lee, US Representative also proudly highlighted the efforts and pivotal involvement of women not only in America or Pakistan but all over the globe.

When women succeed, America succeeds. When Pakistani American women succeed, America and Pakistan succeed”, observed Jackson.

She encouraged women to strive for even greater leadership and decision-making roles. Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, amidst his virtual address commended influential women like Malala Yousafzai and others.

He mentioned the programs initiated by the US and the significant commitment of the US-Pakistan Women’s Council; a public-private association attempting to catalyze responsibilities from the private area, common society, and government pioneers to reinforce financial support for women in Pakistan.

Surgeon General, Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, HI (M), Pakistan’s first female surgeon recorded a message showcasing the brilliant efforts of ladies in all sectors of life.

She also highlighted the need for gender equality as a need of time. This inclusiveness and unity between men and women will only bring peace and prosperity to the two nations.

For all the struggling girls out there she urged them to quit doubting themselves and to step into the world with their talents. The speakers included Nabeela Khattak, a renewed entrepreneur in the US, and Nargis Ali, IT Professional and CEO Sure Secure Solutions.

In addition, Sadaf Jaffer, Member New Jersey General Assembly, Shamila Chaudhry, President Pakistan-American Foundation (APF), Sabrina Siddiqui, Wall Street Journalist, and Hena Khan, an award-winning writer and storyteller were present.

All the participants shared their struggling and inspirational stories that led them to leave a mark in history. Prominent women representing the US government, State and County level legislatures, private sector, professional organizations, and academia also attended the event in a significant number and enthusiasm.