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Ecuador, Chile sideline meeting at OAS session


Lima, 7 October 2022 (TDI): Ecuador and Chile held a meeting on the sidelines of the 52nd General Assembly session of OAS (Organization of American States) in Peru. The foreign minister of Ecuador, Juan Carlos Holguin met with the foreign minister of Chile, Antonia Urrejola.

Both foreign ministers agreed on the importance of cooperation. Moreover, strengthening the integration mechanism in Latin America and respect for human rights was also discussed. The integration mechanism would allow the states of the region to develop together through coordinating efforts.

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Foreign Ministers of Chile and Ecuador discussed the need and importance of joint efforts in the region.

Ecuador and Chile Relations

Chile and Ecuador were part of the Spanish empire until the wars of independence of Latin America. Throughout the decades, both states have developed their relations and deepened their alliance.

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The humanitarian and economic collaboration between both states has increased. Their ties are also evolving in agriculture, industrialization, and natural resource collaboration.

This year in July both governments ratified Trade Integration Agreement. This agreement reaffirms their will to move towards the economic development of both nations through cooperation.

Apart from economic and trade agreements, both states also share military and defense pacts. Chile and Ecuador are also signatories of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, as a part of the Summit of the Americas.

As a part of the organization of American States (OAS) and Summit of the Americas, both nations committed to protecting the peace and security of the region. Along with this, promoting democracy, equality, human rights, and citizen security, is also part of their plan.

To achieve these goals, both states vow to collaborate ad cooperate on several levels. The sideline meeting between the foreign ministers of both countries is an affirmation of this commitment.

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