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Deputy Secretary-General statement on UN Day


Dubai, 24 October 2021 (TDI): UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed made a visit to Dubai Expo 2020.  Mohammed made remarks towards multilateralism.


She mentioned that while multilateralism remains committed to solving global challenges, it is struggling to find the path to effective implementation. Mohammed remarked that multilateralism delivered a vehicle to ensure the distribution of vaccines; that was COVAX.

But this could not have been possible if it weren’t for the cooperation of the world’s top scientists. Those scientists developed the vaccines that COVAX distributes. Mohammed then mentioned the 2015 Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

She remarked that those were established to deal with the climate crisis and to end poverty by 2030. The Deputy also explained the struggles of translating global commitments to national actions, and international finance; for those challenges. Mohammed then added that the UN has come a long way, but still has so much to give.


According to Mohammed, 192 countries count with representation at the Dubai Expo 2020. That is why the Expo represented an occasion to mark the 76 years of multilateralism. The Deputy also referred that the Expo focuses on sustainability, and connecting minds to the future.

That is also part of Our Common Agenda of the UN vision, for multilateralism to ensure that we, as one family; breakthrough together. Mohammed also stressed the need for more effective multilateralism. She also deemed it necessary for deepened solidarity, stronger investments in youth, and renewed social contract.

Mohammed added that it is only through inclusion, that it is possible to renew the social contracts; and rebuild trust. She then stated that inclusion can only be achieved if youth, and women, are placed at the center of the equation.


Mohammed also remarked that the UN staff around the world gives her hope. Because they are dedicating their lives to secure the UN goals. She stated that from Afghanistan to Ethiopia, to New York and Geneva; and UN countries around the world, the staff is working hard.

Amina Mohammed on UNHUB
Deputy Amina Mohammed on UNHUB

The staff is working hard to achieve the aspirations of the Organization. She then called to mark the UN day, knowing that the organization is not abstract. Mohammed added that the Organization is not abstract, but they will, and commitment of the nations. A commitment to secure a better future.

She then called to capitalize the opportunity that the Expo offers. That opportunity is to unite in solidarity to end poverty, protect the planet, secure peace, and improve the lives of everyone.


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