Washington DC, 22 January 2022 (TDI): Pakistani Ambassador to the United States (US) Asad Majeed Khan, partake in an interview by DACOR and the Associates of the American Foreign Services Worldwide (AAFSW). 

The interview occurred on January, 21 at 11.30 AM US time, and the topic was Pakistan’s perspective and priorities when interacting with the US. For instance, they discussed specifically the relations of the US and Pakistan in the areas of trade, investment, and people-to-people relationships.  

What is DACOR?

DACOR is a private organization for foreign affairs professionals, established in 1952 in the United States. It is a platform that fosters dialogues on actual foreign policies. The organization has many programs to sustain and support communities dedicated to Foreign matters.

The support and assistance are made through the government, non-governmental work, research, trade, development, communication, and media. DACOR has a philanthropic section, bodied by the DACOR Bacon House Foundation.

The DACOR Bacon House serves as a historic mansion built in 1825 and close to the White House. The mansion contains ceremonial and entertainment rooms filled with historical origins.

For example, they have arts from Europe, Asia, and American origins. Furthermore, the organization has a museum that provides world diplomacy artifacts. The foundation grants scholarships and fellowships annually to students that will study diplomacy, development, and international relations. 

About Associates of the American Foreign Services Worldwide

The AAFSW is an organization created in 1960 and is a membership-based association in the American Foreign Affairs community that includes many people and activities. Indeed, the membership goes to active and non-active US foreign services employees.

For instance, foreign service, civil services employees, spouses, partners, members of the household, and retirees. AAFSW serve their community through advocacy, outreach, awards, scholarships, services, and networking events.