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Cuauhtemoc Ship on its way to DubaiExpo 2020


Mexico City, 15 October 2021 (TDI): According to the Foreign Affairs Office of Mexico, the Cuauhtemoc Ship started its 41 journeys. It started in Acapulco, on 16 August; and will end in Dubai. The Ship had several stopovers, in the ports of Mexico, Panama, the US, Spain; and Greece.

The Ship arrived at the port of Crete, Greece, last night. The Cuauhtemoc sails like old ships used to, that means with sails and its maneuver. The objective of its journey is to be part of the Mexican Pavillion at the Dubai Expo, 2020. Last, it is important to mention that the ship has a crew of 249 people.

Cuauhtemoc ship on its arrival to the port of Crete
Cuauhtemoc Ship on its arrival to the port of Crete

The Cuauhtemoc will arrive in Dubai; on November 8. Just in time for the Day of Mexico, which will be on November 10. It will be possible to admire the ship, on its arrival at the port. The assistants can also admire the formation of the cadets, from the top of their perches; and the firing of the salutes of honor. Also, the ship will have live mariachi music on board, and the waving of a real-size flag.

Cuauhtemoc Ship on one of its stopover ports
Cuauhtemoc Ship on one of its stopover ports

After the Dubai Expo, according to the Foreign Affairs Office, the ship will head to Brazil. Because it will be part of the Regatta “Latin American Sails 2022”. Then it will visit the ports of Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador. The final destination of the ship is Veracruz.

The Ship also receives the name of Ambassador, and Knight of the Seas. The Cuauhtemoc has made 40 trips around the world, in its 39 years of service. Its purpose is to transmit a message of peace; and also to project a young Mexico.

Also, the Ship has formed, more than 40 generations of Captains, officers, and cadets. They have been trained with sails, ropes, skies, and sextant. The foundation of this teaching tradition, has a base in honor, duty, and also loyalty.



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