Islamabad, 23 December 2021 (TDI): On 22 December 2021, Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force Rear Admiral Mohammad Yousif Al Asam officially met with the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa at General Headquarters in Islamabad.

Mohammad Yousif Al Asam pledged to further bilateral relations and expand cooperation to utilise the maximum potential of two states to the fullest. He also acknowledged the professionalism of Pakistan Armed Forces in making peace and stability at borders and beyond.

During the meeting, both sides discussed the matters of mutual concern, healthcare, Pakistan’s effective initiative to combat Covid-19, ongoing security conditions in Afghanistan and bilateral cooperation in the field of defense and security.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s Remarks

While speaking on the occasion, General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that Pakistan attaches its utmost importance to maintaining the custom of bilateral engagement and desires to keep a long term relation with Bahrain in multidimensional fields.

He mentioned that Pakistan has always formulated friendly policies towards outer world, especially Muslim states. He also stated that Pakistan has given value to its relation with Bahrain and entrenched diplomatic, economic and strong defence relations are its utmost priority.

The Chief of Army Staff also highlighted the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan and stressed to multiply global assistance and urgent support to combat the looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

General Bajwa mentioned the importance of stability, harmony and reconciliatory efforts in Afghanistan and its lasting impact for the entire globe. He further expressed his views about the recent OIC summit and its prospects for Afghanistan and Muslim Ummah in the terms of peace, unity and security.

The Commander of Bahrain Naval Force applauded the efforts of Pakistan in supporting Afghan people during the time of oppression, in managing security at borders and playing a vital role in maintaining regional stability.

Bahrain’s counterpart ensured for improving diplomatic relations with Pakistan to expand savvy diplomacy and for supporting future initiatives of mutual concern.