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Chinese Second-Youngest Gold Medalist in Diving


Tokyo, 6 August 2021 (TDI): China secured another Olympic 2020 gold medal in the final of women’s diving 10m platform at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It was China’s 33rd gold medal after the 14-year-old diver, Quan Hongchan, won the diving competition. She got perfect 10s for her 2nd and 4th dives from all the 7 judges of the game and turned out to be the second-youngest Olympic athlete from China to win a gold medal; the first youngest Chinese Olympic gold medalist to win the 10m platform diving was a 13-year-old, in 1992.

The first two positions in the competition were taken by China and the third by Australia. After producing perfect 10s dives, Quan finished on 466.20 points and won the gold medal. The bronze medal winner, Chen Yuxi, scored 425.40 points. The third position holder was Australian Melissa Wu who finished on 371.40 points and took the bronze medal.

People are calling Quan’s performance one of the best performances in Olympic diving history. She shared the support behind her that led to her win. She said her parents encouraged her to go for dives freely without the pressure of winning medals.

Chen, also a Chinese competitor, on securing 2nd position expressed her feelings. She said that the silver medal is also an achievement and she hoped to be in the next Olympics. The bronze medal holder in women’s 10s diving, Melissa Wu, showed sports ethics by saying that she was happy to see the performance of Chinese divers and always learned from them.

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