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Chinese Foreign Minister’s four-points manifesto on Afghanistan


Beijing, 13 October 2021 (TDI): Wang Yi, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister on Tuesday, October 12, shared four points manifesto on the Afghanistan issue during a G20 leaders’ Special Meeting via video link.

Wang states that Afghanistan is at crossroads. There are opportunities, hopes, and obstacles. A country should determine its own development path based on its experience over the past 20 years. Inflicting ideology on others and military intervention in their internal affairs will only result in instability and humanitarian catastrophes.

He asked the G20 to respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Moreover, he made four recommendations about Afghanistan’s current condition.

Firstly, Wang called upon the international community to take responsibility for focusing on the people’s lives and provide humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan to address problems like food insecurity, COVID-19 epidemic, and lack of medical supplies.

Secondly, he called on countries to lift the unilateral sanctions placed on Afghanistan. He stressed that helping Afghanistan is the only way to solve the Afghan problem and achieve peace and economic growth.

Thirdly, he demanded that concrete steps be taken to prevent terrorist attacks against Afghanistan and offered a united front to counter-terrorism for the international community.

Fourthly, the international community should reach consensus to collaborate in order to push for Afghanistan’s relevant mechanism, Wang stated. He also acknowledged the UN’s centrality in humanitarian assistance and maintaining Afghanistan’s peace. He said that China is ready to help Afghans in writing a new chapter.

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