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Chinese Foreign Minister visits Spain to strengthen ties


Cordoba, 19 February 2024, (TDI): On Sunday morning in Cordoba, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Cordoba, Spain, strengthened the China-Spain partnership.

Following his meeting with his Spanish counterpart, Jose Manuel Albares, Wang Yi emphasized the importance of strengthening bilateral ties.

Notably, this visit marks the first in nearly six years, highlighting China’s commitment to fostering friendship and cooperation in China-Spain relations.

Wang’s presence immediately after the Munich Security Conference underscores the enduring relationship between the two nations.

Moreover, positive economic developments in Spain are poised to bolster this partnership further. Wang Yi’s remarks during his visit highlight China’s view of Spain as a trusted partner within the European Union and signify a deepening of China-Spain relations.

Moreover, Wang said, “As the Year of the Dragon kicks off, I came to Europe and Spain to visit old friends. China regards Spain as a good and trustworthy partner in the European Union. We also announced the lifting of the ban on imports of Spanish beef from cattle that are under 30 months of age to China. This is good news, especially for Spanish farmers.”

Spanish farmers hail the announcement of lifting the ban on beef imports to China as beneficial, further strengthening China-Spain relations. In response, the Spanish foreign minister welcomed this development as exceptionally favorable.

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Discussions between the ministers also addressed pressing global issues, including conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, highlighting the shared concerns within China-Spain relations. Both parties reiterated their support for initiatives promoting peace and stability in these regions.

Spain’s foreign minister welcomed the lifting of the beef export ban as “extraordinarily positive” in the context of China-Spain relations, and also spoke of the conversation he had with Wang about ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza.

Additionally, both ministers affirmed their mutual interests in combating climate change and advancing green technologies, further enhancing China-Spain relations.

Wang Yi’s itinerary includes a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, underscoring the significance of high-level engagement.

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