Guangzhou, 24 May 2022 (TDI): Wang Yi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China met with Michelle Bachelet, the visiting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, on May 23 in Guangzhou.

Wang Yi, welcoming Michelle Bachelet on her maiden visit to China as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the visit is historic for both sides as it has been 17 years since China last received a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

China hoped by virtue of this visit to improve understanding and cooperation while also clarifying misinformation, said Wang Yi.

The Chinese Foreign Minister informed the High Commissioner on China’s development history and the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) ruling theory in relation to China’s 5000-year civilization.

Wang Yi highlighted that the CPC is dedicated to a people-centered strategy and has made it a lifelong strategy for raising living conditions.

China has also made safeguarding the rights of ethnic minorities a priority, with the protracted goal of ensuring the safety of people’s lives.

China has been a patron of universal ideals such as peace, progress, honesty, social equity, democracy, and freedom, while also working to construct a society with a shared destiny for humanity.

Wang emphasized that China is eager to collaborate constructively with the OHCHR built on mutual respect and fair treatment. He said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ visit to China would help clear up misunderstandings.

Various states and anti-China organizations are currently propagating false information about China and disparaging it without reason, to restrict and control China under the premise of human rights violations.

China hopes that by providing facts and truth, this tour would dispel disinformation and exposes falsehoods as well as lies.

Remarks of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Michelle Bachelet lauded the achievements of China in economic and social development as well as human rights compliance.

Noting the significance of China’s membership in the OHCHR, Bachelet expressed the hope that the two sides will be able to develop mutual understanding and trust to work together to confront global challenges and promote the international human rights cause.

During the meeting, the international and regional humanitarian issues were also discussed by the two parties.