Beijing, 28 October 2021 (TDI): The opening ceremony of the 17th Beijing-Tokyo Forum was held virtually, earlier this week. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi addressed the event. China and Japan are trade partners. Recently the two signed a currency swap agreement.

Beijing-Tokyo Forum

The Beijing-Tokyo Forum is an important platform. Such platforms can strengthen the bilateral ties by actively engaging people from both sides. The Forum is a yearly event and a symbol of China-Japan relations; in the new era. It was launched in 2005 and is held alternately in Tokyo and Beijing.

Mutual Trust

Wang Yi enunciated the need to rebuild mutual trust between Japan and China. Subsequently, bilateral ties between the two will consolidate with a political foundation.
The international political environment is experiencing intense evolution. The Covid-19 pandemic has further ravaged the world. In such conditions, China-Japan relations are at a critical stage.

50 Years of Normalization of Ties

The Chinese Foreign Minister highlighted that the next year marks the 50th anniversary of  normalization of China-Japan diplomatic ties. It would be in the interest of both states to commemorate the occasion; by upholding the spirit of the four political documents between the two.

The two should continue to promote friendly cooperation for strong bilateral relations. Furthermore, China and Japan should initiate developmental projects to cement bilateral ties in the future 50 years.

Future Prospects

He expressed the hope that Japan will rationally accept China’s swift development. Historical issues between the two should be resolved amicably for mutual benefit. Also, upgraded industrial cooperation at a higher level will ensure a stable region.

Moreover, it will revolutionize the global industrial chain and supply chain along with reinforcing digital economy collaboration to boost the economy and people’s livelihood of the two countries.

China and Japan share the same region
Climate Change Agenda

China and Japan should also collaborate to accelerate carbon reduction for the climate change agenda. Strong ties between the two regional partners will flourish by properly managing disagreements.

Geographical Proximity

Wang Yi emphasized that the two need to exploit their geographical proximity and cultural links for their benefit. Both should aim to enhance mutual exchanges in multiple fields. Consequently, the China-Japan friendship will become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Role of Youth Exchange

He stated that to have healthy ties both sides ought to analyze and assess to ensure youth exchanges between China and Japan. Both countries are vital in the international political arena. Hence, it is their responsibility to jointly create an advantageous future.