Algiers, 14 June 2022 (TDI): Director-General of the West Asia and North Africa Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Di visited Algeria on June 11-12, 2022. He met with the Secretary-General of the Algerian Foreign Ministry.

China and Algeria have a long history of friendship and mutual trust and China is willing to work with Algeria. Further, both countries have mutual trust and supported each other.

Additionally, in the 1950s, China provided political, economic, and military support for Algeria. Infact, almost 40 large Chinese enterprises are working in Algeria. Algeria is the third-latest recipient of Chinese FDI with $2.5bn.

In September 1958 when an interim-government was formed China immediately recognized Algeria and established full diplomatic relations with Algeria.

On the other hand, China and Algeria also developed bilateral relations in the fields of economy, culture, health, and military.

Economic and trade relations between China and Algeria

The bilateral trade between China and Algeria developed quickly. In 1982, the bilateral trade volume between both countries reached US$170 million.

In 2000, the trade volume between both sides was estimated at the US $198.85 million. By 2001, the bilateral trade volume between China and Algeria was the US $292 million.

However, In 1963, China sent medical teams to Algeria. Chinese Minister of Public Health Chen Minzhang visited Algeria and signed the Agreement on Medical and Health Cooperation between the Chinese and Algerian Governments.

China and Algeria signed nearly 20 exchange programs and cooperation agreements on culture, education, sports, and the press. Currently, 23 Algerian students studying in China. Moreover, Algeria is also a signatory of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Finally, in 2019 Chinese exports to Algeria were $7Billion and Algerian exports to China were approximately $1.2 Billion. In addition, China imports manufactured products from Algeria.

Furthermore, after joining the Belt and Road Initiative Algeria and China have started cooperation in economy, trade, investment, energy, mining, and infrastructure.

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