Geneva, 14 June 2022 (TDI): Member Nations celebrated the 110th International Labor Conference in Switzerland. It lasted from Friday, May the 27th until Saturday, June the 11th.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) organized it. Most importantly, the event served as an opportunity to share opinions between the 187 countries that are part of the organization.

Insight of the International Labor Organization

The International Labor Organization is headquartered in Geneva. Its creation dates back to 1919, ending WW1. At that time, it was part of the League of Nations.

Part XIII of the Versailles Treaty officially expresses its creation. Above all, its goal is to respond to universal requests for civil rights and better quality of life for the planet’s workforce.

Since 1946, the ILO has been part of the United Nations (UN) as a specialized agency. Its main purpose is to set global labor standards to protect workers all around the globe.

International labor standards (ILS) are the given name for these basic principles. Not only do workers benefit from the ILS, but also the global economy.

The main goal of the ILO is the overall development of people, not just as workers or professionals but as human beings.

Thanks to its efforts, a grand portion of workers labor in decent conditions. In addition, the different economies can compete in more equal and fair conditions thanks to that.

In this way, ILO prevents some governments from abusing their workforce in the context of market competitiveness.

Consequently, low wages, the creation of abusive industries, and the development of low-skilled employment are prevented. In brief, ILO and ILS protect the global workforce.

International Labor Conference

In mid-2022, Member Nations participated in the 110th International Labor Conference in Switzerland. More than four thousand delegates attended the event.

Above all, delegates discussed the following issues: health and safety, first jobs, and international labor standards’ updates.

Moreover, one of the most remarkable efforts revolved around the protection of domestic workers and nurses. Two professions that sustain a society in their own way.

Furthermore, delegates also passed a resolution to create additional fundamental principles and rights for workers. These new principles focus on safe and healthy working environments.

On its official Twitter account, the International Labor Organization shared its satisfaction with the conference’s achievements;

As well, Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO shared his contentment with this year’s conference results on his Official Twitter account.

In addition, Director-General Ryder highlighted the context of the conference. For instance, amid multiple crises which include the Covid-19 pandemic and multiple conflicts, efforts for the global development of the work environment are still ongoing.

Finally, the Director-General described this year’s conference as historic. It was the first time it was held in person after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, in September the organization will receive a new Director-General, Gilbert Houngbo, from the African continent.

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