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Chinese envoy to KSA supports Chinese-Saudi-Iranian model


Riyadh, 21 May 2024 (TDI): Chinese ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supported the Chinese-Saudi-Iranian model (Beijing Agreement) and the Two-State solution to resolve the Middle East crisis.

“Palestine issue must be resolved,” ambassador Chang Hua proclaimed.

He expressed strong support for the establishment of an independent, fully sovereign state of Palestine.

Chinese-Saudi-Iranian committee, Beijing Agreement

A China-brokered deal led to the resumption of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran on 10 March 2023.

“As a former ambassador to Iran and currently an ambassador to the Kingdom, I am honoured to personally participate in establishing a mechanism a joint Chinese-Saudi-Iranian committee. I will make more efforts to advance the mechanism to achieve further results,” the Chinese ambassador asserted.

“China, as an important party to the Beijing Agreement, will continue to push Saudi-Iranian relations to progress continuously. We restore it to make joint efforts with Saudi Arabia in creating beneficial conditions to advance implementation of the Beijing Agreement and enhance tripartite dealings,” he further explained.

With decades of experience in the Middle East and having served as an ambassador in Yemen, Iran, and the UAE the ambassador hoped that “this mechanism could be a model for peace in the Middle East.”

“In fact, in 2021, the [Chinese] minister of foreign affairs visited Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkiye on a tour in this region, and presented peace proposals to me within five points. We are continuing this talk and we want to enhance stability and security in this region,” he recalled.

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China-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership

Addressing the relations between the two countries, the envoy reiterated that “China and Saudi Arabia enjoy a comprehensive strategic partnership.”

Noteworthy, “China views Saudi Arabia as an important power in a multipolar world. In politics, the two sides have exchanged firm support on issues related to the other side’s core interests and major concerns,” he further highlighted.

More importantly, China “places the development of relations with Saudi Arabia as a priority in its overall foreign policy, especially within its diplomacy in the Middle East,” he reiterated.

“In addition, China and the Kingdom pursue an independent foreign policy,” he pinpointed.

Nevertheless, China “calls on the two countries to preserve the international order based on the ‘United Nations Charter’ and international law,” he emphasized.

“In the United Nations, the G20, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other international platforms … China and Saudi Arabia have long maintained constant communication and close coordination. And, we have worked together to promote global peace and stability and achieve development and prosperity,” he concluded.

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