Chinese Ambassador to UN emphasizes biodiversity conferences in China

Chinese Ambassador to the UN addressing about biodiversity conferences held in China
New York, 26 October 2021 (TDI): The Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Zhang Jun emphasized the biodiversity conferences held in China. He said that the meetings in Kunming and Beijing will help the world in fight against environmental challenges. The Chinese envoy stated that the conferences held on biodiversity and green-themed transport will lead to innovative development.

Conferences in China

Kunming hosted a conference on COP 15 on 15 October 2021 which was part of the UN biodiversity conference. The second conference of the UN Global Sustainable Transport took place in Beijing on 16 October 2021. The Chinese Ambassador said that the unprecedented challenges of the world have united the world. The challenges have strengthened the notion of multilateralism in the world. The participants in the conference agreed on cooperation to deal with the global challenges.

Role of China

Zhang Jun expressed that China played an active role in hosting the UN conferences to enhance cooperation. He emphasized the efforts of China in helping developing countries in their fight against the pandemic. Most importantly, the Chinese envoy also highlighted the participation of Chinese President in the COP 15 summit.
In the COP 15 summit, the Chinese President talked about his vision of creating a global community on shared values. He expressed his will to build a world with shared harmonious existence between man and nature. The Chinese envoy to the UN said that the Chinese President’s commitment has set a grandeur goal for the conservation of biodiversity.
The conference will help to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). China announced that it will provide $233 for the development of both Kunming Development Fund. Moreover, it will also be funding for the Global Innovation and Knowledge Center for Sustainable Transport.

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