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China’s response to escalating Middle East tensions


New York, 15 April 2024 (TDI): During briefing session of UN Security Council on the Middle East situation, Chargé d’Affaires, Ambassador Dai Bing, of the Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations expressed grave concerns about how a prolonged conflict would exacerbate the tensions in the region with serious compounding spillover effects.

The Ambassador highlighted that since the outbreak of the Gaza conflict, the international community has deplored the unacceptable humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and had made strong demands for an immediate ceasefire to end the hostilities.

Commenting over the Missile attack by Iran over Israel, the Ambassador pointed out that on April 1st Iran’s diplomatic premises in Syria were attacked by airstrikes, which resulted in the loss of several Iranian personnel and caused severe destruction to the area.

Moreover, the Ambassador said that the attack, which was of an extremely vicious nature, was a grave violation of the UN Charter and international law and a breach of sovereignty of Iran as well as Syria. 

Furthermore he said that China expresses deep concerns on the escalation that happened on April 13th. He further added, we noted that Iran stated its military action was in response to Israel’s aggression against its diplomatic premises and the matter can be deemed concluded.

China calls on relevant parties to exercise maximum calm and restraint and resolve their differences and disputes in accordance with the purposes of the UN Charter and international law to prevent further escalations.

The Ambassador underlined that the ongoing situation is the latest spillover of the Gaza conflict. It serves as another reminder that the Palestinian question remains central to the Middle East issue and bears on the peace, stability and long-term security in the region. 

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If the flames of the Gaza conflict are allowed to continue raging, then the adverse spillover is set to spread even further, making the region even more unstable. Countries and peoples in the Middle East have no desire for, nor can they afford a larger conflict or war. 

Therefore, There should be no more delays in implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2728 and the conflict must end now. Ultimately, there is no alternative to the full implementation of the two-State solution, the only way to end the vicious circle of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict once and for all.  

China calls on the international community, especially countries with influence, to play a constructive role for the peace and stability of the region.

Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul is pursuing BS International Relations from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML). The arenas of diplomacy and foreign policy intrigue him to delve deep into analyzing the broader scenario of global affairs. Besides, the author is also exploring the field of media and journalism.

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