China’s Ambassador to the U.S. addresses “Generation Z”

Qin said that the US and China have differences but they also have things in common

China’s ambassador to the US, Qin Gang while giving an exclusive interview to Media.

Washington D.C., 19 October 2021 (TDI): The China Public Diplomacy Association organized and hosted the “Generation Z” China-U.S. Youth Dialogue on 18 October 2021. The event was held in Malipo County.

The Ambassador of China to the US Qin Gang communicated the Generation Z through a video. Ambassador Qin talked about the role of youth in China and the United States.

Qin stressed the need for commitment, love, tolerance, and understanding for a bright future. He also hoped that the forum can contribute to bringing the two nations nearer.

He gave examples of a journey of 30 years on poverty alleviation in Malipo and highlighted the support of China’s American friends.

While mentioning the role of the American people, he told that in order to help the middle school in Malipo, the National Basketball Association (NBA) donated two basketball courts.

He also mentioned the contribution of Gong Changci, an American-Chinese girl, in poverty alleviation in Malipo County. Gong founded the “BRIDGE Foundation” to aid the poor students of the administration.

Qin said that the US and China have differences but they also have things in common; the commonality is the willingness to better the lives of their nation. Hence, he emphasized the two states should deal with eachother with respect and tolerance.