Beijing, 28 December 2021 (TDI): State Councilor and Defense Minister of China, Wei Fenghe held a meeting with his counterpart, the Defense Minister of Japan, Nobuo Kishi. The meeting was held through a video call.

The Chinese Defense Minister reiterated China’s stance over its territorial sovereignty.

Chinese-Japanese Defense Departments Cooperation

During the video meeting, Wei Fenghe conveyed that China will safeguard its maritime rights as well as its territorial sovereignty. He urged the Japanese Defense Minister to “wisely take care of historic issues.”

Wei Fenghe emphasized that both Chinese and Japanese defense departments ought to reinforce practical cooperation as well as high-level exchanges. In addition, the two should jointly oversee and curtail hazards, thwart the escalation of conflicts along with further expanding the scope of the air and sea liaison mechanism.

Whilst, the Japanese Defense Minister on his part underscored the significance of the bilateral defense exchanges and cooperation. He stated that Japan is inclined to make an effort to cooperate for building a productive and durable relationship between the two countries.

13th High-level Consultations on Maritime Affairs

Earlier last week, Japan and China also reached an agreement to sufficiently address maritime differences and contradictions. The understanding was reached during the 13th round of high-level consultative meeting on maritime affairs between the two countries. The meeting was held virtually.

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China has a firm stance on the Diaoyu Islands and other issues, therefore the Japanese side must respect the territorial sovereignty of China as well as its maritime rights and interests.

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Also, the two sides stressed that Japan should discontinue activities that problematize the situation.

Moreover, China firmly opposes any and every unfavorable action in the South China Sea as well as the East China Sea because such kind of actions will impact the maritime and air security of the region.