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China stresses United Nations reform and multilateralism


Beijing, 29 February 2024 (TDI): China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, held a meeting with the co-chairs of the intergovernmental negotiation mechanism on February 28, 2024. During the meeting, he emphasized the importance of United Nations reform and multilateralism.

China’s United Nations commitment

Highlighting China’s status as a founding member and a permanent Security Council member, Wang Yi reiterated its commitment to the United Nation’s central role in global affairs.

China advocates for win-win cooperation and opposes zero-sum games, promoting extensive consultation for shared benefits. China is prepared to collaborate with other nations to support the principles of broad consultation and joint contribution.

On top of that, it will also work to advance the reform and establishment of the global governance framework and its ongoing advancement. This includes the enhancement of the United Nations and the joint promotion of a global community with a shared future for all people.

Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi observed that nations anticipate the United Nations to take the lead in tackling global issues.

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Additionally, he observed that the Security Council will take on the significant duty of upholding the international peace and security entrusted to it by the United Nations Charter in today’s interconnected world.

A fundamental component of the United Nations’ broader reform is the Security Council reform. Moreover, China supports UN co-chairs for Security Council reform in the right direction.

Furthermore, it plans to give more small and medium-sized nations the chance to participate in decision-making. Likewise, Wang Yi emphasized the Security Council’s pivotal role in addressing global challenges. He urged for its reform to enhance representation and voice in developing countries.

The co-chairs, Banaiyi and Masik, commended China’s commitment to multilateralism and UN principles. They expressed willingness to collaborate, ensuring ongoing communication on Security Council reform, and emphasizing its significance in global governance.

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