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China provides world 1.5 billion vaccines this year


Beijing, 27 October 2021 (TDI): China has distributed almost 1.5 billion vaccines in the world, this year.

The world is in an unprecedented crisis posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. But these unprecedented challenges did great to unite the world. The world has not only united in the fight against the pandemic but has also been stressing on enhancing cooperation. The pandemic has affected developed countries and developing countries equally. The developing states do not have many resources to deal with the challenges of a pandemic. The developed countries are helping the poor and developing countries. They are not only providing financial assistance but are also giving vaccines and other medical equipment to vulnerable and developing states. Therefore, the world has experienced a new form of diplomacy known as vaccine diplomacy. In Vaccine Diplomacy states provide vaccines to other countries which strengthens the bilateral relations of two states
China has also been helping the world since the start of the pandemic. It has assisted more than half of the states of the world in this pandemic. China has been providing financial assistance, medical equipment as well as vaccines to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. China provided 1.5 billion doses of vaccines to 106 different countries alone this year in the world. It also gave vaccines to different international organizations to deal with the Covid19 pandemic. China is committed to forming a global community based on cooperation with shared values. A community where a problem of one state becomes the problem of the whole world. Thus, this concept of China will enhance cooperation and multilateralism in the world.

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