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China presents a 4-point solution to the Syrian issue


Damascus: 19 July 2021 (TDI) : Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on his tour to Syria met with the Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad in Damascus.

The current Syrian problem was the highlight of the discussion between both sides. FM Wang Yi stated that the implementation of the ‘Syrian owned and Syrian led’ principle is the key to the resolution of the Syrian issue. The Chinese foreign minister also proposed China’s 4-point solution for the Syrian issue in the meeting with the Syrian foreign minister.

As per the proposal, firstly it is important to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. Syria belongs to the people of Syria and China fully supports the Syrian people to determine their future independently and supports Syria to independently choose a path of development and prosperity along with protecting national unity and pride, said Wang.

Secondly, the speedy reconstruction of Syria and the welfare of the common people should be prioritized. Wang Yi mentioned that China feels that it is important that any unilateral sanctions and economic barriers against Syria are lifted immediately to resolve the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

Terrorism is another issue, and for the third proposal, China suggests that strong measures should be opted to fight against terrorism in Syria. There is a need to fight and end all the UNSC declared terrorist forces present in Syria. China would help Syria’s counter-terrorism effort, and will join hands enhancing global anti-terror cooperation with Syria, said Wang.

Lastly, Wang suggested that a peaceful and inclusive solution to the Syrian issue should be promoted. China calls for a Syrian-led and communicated resolution to the issue. Wang Yi also mentioned that the international community with the UN as a mediator should help Syria resolve the issue.

The Syrian FM Faisal al-Mekdad for his part stated that Syria agrees with the 4-point proposal presented by China and that Syria looks forward to cooperating with China in resolving the Syrian issue.


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