Beijing, 6 January 2023 (TDI): At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Philippines President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, undertook a state visit to China from 03 to 05 January 2023.

Xi Jinping told Marcos, “All this speaks volumes about the close ties between China and the Philippines. The important place that our two countries take in each other’s foreign policies”.

Xi called on both sides to cultivate new highlights of partnership in different areas. These include agriculture, infrastructure, energy, and culture.

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In this regard, Marcos said he hopes to prove to the world through this visit that Philippines-China relations are in good shape and essential. Also, both sides are committed to upgrading the ties.

About One-China Policy

Marcos underlined that the Philippines adheres to the one-China policy. Moreover, while thanking China for its assistance in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, Marcos said he expects more Chinese citizens to travel to the Philippines for tourism and study.

Beijing has always made Manila a priority in its regional diplomacy. They view bilateral ties from a strategic and overall perspective, he said.

Furthermore, Xi said he is willing to maintain frequent strategic dialogue with Marcos. Additionally, he wants to plan future steps for the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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Xi underscored that China wants to make the two nations good neighbors, relatives, and partners that work together for win-win outcomes.

In addition, the Chinese side called to further align development strategies and help each other’s modernization process. Along with this, China wants both nations to contribute to each other’s development and prosperity.

Marcos told Xi he was honored to have been a witness to establishing bilateral ties between the two countries 48 years ago.

“It has now become my responsibility, and certainly my privilege, to be able to continue that legacy. To continue to promote the friendship between the Philippines and China to bring our peoples together,” Marcos underlined.

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Likewise, the Philippines President stated that he wants to deepen cooperation in agriculture, infrastructure, energy, trade, and investment with China.

However, Marcos was the first foreign leader hosted by China in 2023. Also, this marks his first visit to China as President.