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China-Pakistan inaugurates CPEC corner, enhance cooperation


Beijing, 21 January 2024 (TDI): Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi and Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong, who is currently on a visit to Islamabad, today inaugurated the CPEC Corner at the library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister said that as an iron brother and trusted friend, China attached special importance to Pakistan in its foreign policy and looked forward to further strengthening strategic ties between the two countries.

Thanking Pakistan’s support to China on its core issues, Vice Foreign Minister Sun reaffirmed China’s support for Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and for Pakistan’s economic development, progress and prosperity.

Welcoming Vice Foreign Minister Sun to Pakistan, the Foreign Secretary said that Pakistan-China friendship enjoyed complete political, institutional and public support in Pakistan. Underscoring the salience of bilateral friendship for regional peace and stability, he expressed Pakistan’s readiness to further expand and strengthen bilateral ties in all areas of cooperation.

4th Meeting of CPEC Joint Working Group

The 4th meeting of CPEC Joint Working Group on International Cooperation and Coordination (JWG-ICC) was held in Islamabad.

Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi and Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of China, Sun Weidong co-chaired the meeting. Moreover, the meeting exemplifies the commitment of both countries to foster international cooperation and coordination including on CPEC.

The two sides reviewed with satisfaction the progress made since the third meeting of the Joint Working Group held virtually on 21 July 2022. The meeting underscored CPEC’s pioneering role in strengthening international and regional connectivity while appreciating the open and inclusive nature of this flagship project.

Noting that Pakistan and China were All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partners and iron brothers, the Foreign Secretary reaffirmed the importance of CPEC in promoting win-win cooperation and sustainable development. He also emphasized on welcoming interested third parties to explore mutually beneficial avenues of cooperation.

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Recognising the evolution of CPEC, the two sides agreed to enhance focus on high quality advancements in industry, agriculture, information technology, and science and technology, and ensuring tangible socio-economic benefits for the people.

They rejected the disinformation campaigns and distorted reporting on CPEC and stressed the need to counter fallacious narratives and misinformation.

Recalling the deliberations of the Second and the Third Pakistan-China Think Tanks Forum in September 2022 and July 2023, the two sides expressed joint support for media and think tanks cooperation. They also agreed on sharing of best practices and generating an intellectual knowledge pool of CPEC and BRI development through enhanced international communication and cooperation.


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