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China once again urges US to stop politicizing Covid19 origins


Beijing, 6 November 2021 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin once again has urged the United States to stop politicizing Covid19 origins.

Wang Wenbin responded to the White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who in a statement said that the US and its partners will keep on asking answers for Covid19 origins from China.

China has criticized the US politicization of the Covid19 origins. The US has been blaming China for the spread of the Coronavirus in the world.

He stressed that China has been open to the investigation of Covid19 origins. China has invited World Health Organization (WHO) experts twice for tracing the origins, he added. China has been continuously cooperating with WHO to trace Covid19 origins.

He stated that the joint WHO-China study of the origins of Covid19 contains scientific proof that China is not responsible for the spread of Covid19. The report contains a professional and science-based investigation.

Wang Wenbin emphasized that the US has turned a blind eye over the scientific investigation of Covid19 origins. The US politicization of Covid19 origins has undermined the global response to anti-pandemic, he added.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson urged the US to stop manipulating the Covid19 origins. The US politicization has halted the global response, he added. He said the US should cooperate with WHO to trace the Covid19 origins. The US cooperation is in the interest of the world.


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