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China denounces declassified assessment on COVID-19 origins’ released by US


Beijing, 2 November 2021 (TDI): China denounced the American declassified version of its report on the novel coronavirus origins US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin rejected the reports by saying that it has no scientific credibility. He stated that China clearly opposes the so-called reports on the Covid19 origins.

Wang Wenbin said that a lie remains a lie even if it is spoken a thousand times. He said that the study of the origin of Covid19 is a scientific issue. So, it should be deal by scientific methods. He emphasized that it is a global issue. Therefore, global cooperation is necessary to deal with it. No one can take unilateral decisions to blame any country. He further stated that American intelligence services are not capable of believing due to their horrible record. They had made several mistakes which resulted in conflicts leading to confrontations.

China opposes politicization of Covid19 origins

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson further states that more than 80 countries have opposed the politicization of the origins of Covid19. He added that more than 300 political parties, think tanks and civil organizations have also opposed the politicization of the Coronavirus outbreak and had submitted a joint statement in World Health Organization (WHO) Secretariat.
Wang Wenbin emphasized that the international community makes decisions based on justice. He said that it will increase the distrust of the international community in the United States. He expressed that instead of politicizing the issue, the U.S. should cooperate with the world to fight against the pandemic. Wang Wenbin urged the U.S. to open up its laboratories for the WHO experts’ visits.
Note that the U.S. has been blaming China for the spread of the Coronavirus. The United States termed it as a bioweapon. China said that the use of spy agencies instead of scientists is ironclad proof of American attempt to politicize the Covid19 origins.


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