Kathmandu, 30 November 2022 (TDI): China Southern Airlines will restart direct flights from Guangzhou, China to Kathmandu, Nepal this coming Monday; 5 December 2022.

As part of the relationship between Nepal and China, the start of a direct flight is necessary for transportation. Likewise, as part of the plan for tourism recovery in Nepal, the resumption of China airlines will help to boost the economy of the country.

It must be noted that the tourism sector is a key indicator of the country’s economic health. Also, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the sector has had several challenges.

As confirmed by the Nepal Central bank, tourism has not been doing well and is expected to bounce back.

Shyam Raj Thapaliya, the Managing Director of Osho World Travel, a leading travel agency in the South Asian country is hopeful for a stronger bounce back for the tourism industry on the opening of direct flights from China to the country.

China has been second Nepal’s tourism source. The number of people moving in and out of the country from China after India has contributed greatly to the economy of Nepal.

However, the coronavirus pandemic kept a stop to the movement of people thereby limiting traveling. Nepal’s government is seeking to generate revenue from the sector when the resume.

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The rate of the dollar has also been a major issue raised by officials of Nepal. As said by one of the officials “a strong dollar will benefit hotels, restaurants, domestic airlines, travel & tour operators, and the country’s economy as a whole.”

Also, the changes in the COVID-19 rules will help to structure safe travel for people traveling. These laws have been reviewed by both countries as they seek to be able to get people to travel to places in great numbers.

Nepal has expressed its joy about this development and awaits its successful implementation of it in the coming days.