Beijing, 18 December 2021 (TDI): Wang Yi, the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister enunciated that China and Solomon Islands are staunch allies. Any attempt to smear ties between the two and challenge the bilateral diplomatic ties will undoubtedly be unsuccessful.

The remarks were made by the Chinese Foreign Minister during a phone call with the Foreign Minister of Solomon Islands, Jeremiah Manele. The two counterparts also discussed the recent unrest in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands.

Wang Yi highlighted that the ongoing riots in the capital have affected the safety of the locals as well as the overseas Chinese. He stressed that the unrest stemmed from a complex background.

China stands by the government and people of the country and firmly denounces all acts of violence. Likewise, China supports the efforts of the Solomon Islands’ government to safeguard bilateral ties, domestic stability, and the interests and legitimate rights of Chinese citizens in the country.

Furthermore, Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele reiterated his country’s firm commitment to the one-China principle. China appreciates the stance of the Solomon Islands against the false accusations against China.

The Chinese Foreign Minister stated that bilateral relations between the two allies have withstood trials and are more robust than ever. Moreover, China is certain about the future of bilateral relations and will adopt measures to help and support its partner in achieving stable development, restoring order, and rebuilding the city.

Jeremiah Manele on his part stated that the phone call demonstrated that the two countries stand firmly together in difficult times.

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He further said that the circumstances in the Solomon Islands have slowly but surely returned to normal.

The government will ensure the safety of the locals as well as the overseas Chinese in the country. Also, efforts are being made to acquire economic development and social stability.

In addition, the Solomon Islands affixes significant priority to its ties with China and aims to boost coordination and collaboration with the Chinese side to efficaciously support multilateralism and safeguard global fairness and justice.