Minsk, 12 November 2021 (TDI): A consignment of Covid-19 vaccine donated by China was officially handed over to Belarus, on Thursday. The donations consisted of vaccines as well as other anti-pandemic supplies.

Covid-19 or the Coronavirus paralyzed the entire world’s economies as well as health care systems; at the start of 2020. Initially, the outbreak of the virus was declared a global health emergency. However, later it was declared as a global pandemic.

Ever since, countries around the world are working to curb the spread and find a remedy for the virus. Inoculation started earlier this year with China being proactive and thorough in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

4th batch of covid-19 vaccine arrived in Belarus

The Chinese Ambassador to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyong stated that Belarus and China have exchanged experience on combating the pandemic since the beginning. Whereas the Health Minister of Belarus, Dmitry Pinevich stated that the two countries have a reciprocal bilateral relationship where Belarus provided humanitarian aid to China; at the start of the pandemic.

China is diligently helping countries to fight the pandemic by providing vaccines and necessary anti-pandemic equipment. The recent donation of vaccines to Belarus is the 4th batch. Before this China has donated three batches of the vaccines.

Although, the virus has not been eliminated. The vaccine drive has enabled the world including Belarus, to function somewhat normally. China and Belarus enjoy strong bilateral ties. The cooperation between the two countries is comprised of a multitude of domains including trade and economic collaboration.

Over the years, the ties between the two have steadily grown deep for mutual benefit. China is an important economic partner for Belarus, and the two have forged strong strategic ties.