Beijing, 4 December 2021 (TDI): The State Council Information Office of China released a White Paper with the title ‘China: Democracy That Works’. The paper claims that China did not replicate the Western democratic models.

Instead, it created its own where the people are the masters of the country as well as destiny. In this context, China also organized the International Forum on Democracy.

China released White Paper to define what democracy actually is.

The Chinese model of democracy is the democracy of the people. It was developed and created as a whole process in accordance with its national conditions and inherent characteristics. The form of democracy advocated by China has distinctive Chinese connotations that embody the universal desire of humanity for democracy.

The White Paper asserts that the whole-process people’s democracy is the driving force behind the development of the country. Consequently, it has directed the revitalization of the nation.

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Furthermore, it has also presented a new standard to the international political spectrum.

In order to develop democracy, the basic postulate that China adheres to is in conformity with its realities and characteristics. Moreover, the country has always derived strength and wisdom from its 5,000-year-old culture as well as fine traditions.

The White Paper declared that humanity’s quest for a true form of democracy is never-ending. However, the real hurdle to democracy lies in arrogance, prejudice, and hostility towards other countries’ attempts to explore their own paths to democracy.

It is not because of the different models of democracy but in assumed superiority and the determination to impose one’s own model of democracy on others.

The release of the White Paper comes before the “Democracy Summit” by the US which is scheduled on 9th and 10th December. The US is promoting democratic hegemony under the guise of democracy. Such an action has great repercussions as it will divide the world by ideology.