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China delivers humanitarian aid to Afghanistan for Winters


Beijing, 22 November 2021 (TDI): China has sent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan for the Winter season.

Afghanistan is facing an alarming humanitarian situation. It faces a grave economic situation. The country had been at war for the last 40 years. No one has recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan after the fall of the government of Ashraf Ghani. Due to the poor human rights situation in Afghanistan, no country has established diplomatic relations with the Taliban government. This also put an end to the Afghan trade with the world which affected the Afghan economy inadequately. Moreover, the U.S. and other Western states have also frozen the foreign Afghan financial assets.

China has been pointing out the worsening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. It has been urging the world to not leave alone Afghanistan in its economic crisis. China has been providing aid to Afghanistan to deal with the economic crisis. It has also resumed its trade with Afghanistan.

At the start of this month, China imported pine nuts to help the Afghan economy. Since then, 10 flights from Afghanistan have delivered pine nuts to China. The Chinese import of pine nuts from Afghanistan will not only help the Afghan economy but will also help Afghan farmers and will create employment opportunities.

The regional actors have been alarming the world about vulnerable Afghanistan’s situation in winters. China has also been urging the world to assist war-torn Afghanistan to deal with the massive challenge of winters. Therefore, China has sent humanitarian aid consisting of 1000 tons of supplies for Afghan people.

The aid departed on Saturday in a special freight train from Xinjiang, China, and will reach Afghanistan after its journey of 12 days. The aid comprised of food such as naan, milk, tea powder. While it also contained cotton-padded clothes, socks of cotton, cotton shoes, and blankets. It will help the Afghans to deal with the huge challenger of Winters. Due to its geographical location and terrain, the temperature falls below the minus resulting in a difficult situation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated that China is a sincere friend of Afghanistan. He urged the international community to help Afghanistan in this dire economic situation. He also stated that China will also provide more than 5,000 tons of grains and 3 million doses of COVID vaccines to Afghanistan in the coming days.

Chinese Ambassador in his tweet expressed that since July 2022, China has delivered more than 2600 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. It is committed to helping the vulnerable Afghans. China is concerned about the well-being of the Afghan people and it will not leave them alone in this difficult time. Therefore, it would continue to help Afghanistan in its reconstruction.

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