Tokyo, 22 November 2021 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Japan, Hayashi Yoshimasa held a telephonic conversation with the State Councilor and Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Yi. The Chinese and Japanese counterparts discussed enhancing bilateral cooperation for the realization of the agreed-upon shared vision.

Japan-China Summit Telephone Talk

The shared vision between the two was agreed upon, in the Japan-China Summit Telephone Talk; that was held on October 8th. China and Japan are celebrating 50 years of the normalization of relations between the two, in 2022. Both counterparts agreed to enhance ties for a stable and constructive future relationship.

China and Japan are assiduously working to enhance ties

Aside from that, the Foreign Ministers exchanged views on issues pertaining to climate change. The subject of North Korea and peace in the Korean Peninsula also came under discussion.

They affirmed to promote practical cooperation and dialogue to improve China-Japan economic ties. Moreover, China and Japan will also jointly propel forward the economic and people-to-people exchanges.

China and Japan are both Asian countries
Historical Relations with Economic Contours

China and Japan share historical relations that have witnessed ups and downs over the years. The two countries, although geographically separated by the East China Sea, are located in the Asian continent. Both are strongly connected because of Chinese influence on the culture, religion, philosophy, and law of Japan.

Under the leadership of the previous Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, the ties between China and Japan improved considerably. Economically, the two have a history of collaboration for mutual benefit as they are two-way trading partners. China is one of the key destinations for Japanese exports.

Nonetheless, despite the tense undercurrents, the two countries are seriously and steadily working jointly to improve the ties. Both Japan and China cooperate in various sectors, including the expansion of global trade as well as the economic activities of Asia.