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China committed to supporting Syria in pandemic


Damascus, 16 November 2021 (TDI): China is committed to supporting Syria in the pandemic.

Vaccine diplomacy has become an important part of diplomacy in the Covid19 prevailing world. Due to the nature of the pandemic, no one is safe until everyone is safe. Therefore, China aims to help the world in dealing with the challenges of the pandemic.

China has been helping the developing and vulnerable countries by assisting them with financial aid, vaccines, and other medical supplies. It has provided hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccines to the countries of all the regions of the world.

China has also been assisting Syria in its fight against the pandemic. In this regard, China sent 500, 000 doses of vaccines to Syria. The ceremony of giving vaccines to Syria took place on 14 November 2021. The ceremony was held at the Syrian Ministry of Health.

Chinese Ambassador handed vaccines to Syrian Health Officials

Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao handed over the vaccines to the Syrian health authorities. The Chinese Ambassador stated that China will continue to support Syria in its fight against the pandemic until it wins the fight. China will continue to provide Syria vaccines and hope that it would win its fight as soon as possible.

He also emphasized that vaccine diplomacy will help to strengthen the relations between the two states. The states enjoy friendly relations. China has supported the policy of non-interference in the Syrian civil war. China has also been helping Syria with its rebuild. It also urges the world for the reconstruction of war-torn Syria. China also wants to include Syria in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Syrian officials also appreciate the Chinese role and believe that China can play an important role in the reconstruction of Syria.

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